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12 detox tips to cleanse your body

Updated: Jan 23

Detoxification involves purifying the blood by eliminating impurities in the liver, where toxins are processed for removal. The kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin contribute to removing toxins during a body detox. When these systems are compromised, proper filtration is hindered, negatively impacting the body.

A body detox program supports the natural cleansing process by resting organs through fasting, stimulating the liver, promoting elimination, improving blood circulation, and refuelling with nutrients. By following these 12 detox tips, you support your body in its natural processes, instead of working against it.

For an effective body cleanse, consider adding these 12 simple hacks (detox tips) to your daily life:

  1. Consume fiber-rich foods like organic fruits, and vegetables. Easting green vegetables at the beginning of your meal is a great way to bring fiber into the system effectively. Stay away from from fast-food and processed food, choosing healthier options to decrease consumption of toxins, pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

  2. Incorporate green tea and liver-supporting herbs like milk thistle. Nettle, peppermint or ginkgo teas have great detoxifying benefits. Alternatively you can reach out for food supplements in form of pills or tablets.

  3. Boost vitamin C intake for toxin-removing liver support.

  4. Hydrate with at least two litres of clean mineral water daily. This helps to get things going in your body, and flush toxins out effectively. Avoid tap water, as it can be full of heavy metals and fluoride.

  5. Try intermitted fasting starting with at least 12 hours. Choose the time that is appropriate to you, let's say you have your final meal at 8pm, stay empty until 8am, no snacking or drinks other than water or (plain) tea. Move those hours around to fit your body clock, if you prefer to eat later and have late breakfast, adjust this time to suit you. However, try to finish your final meal at least 2 hours before going to sleep. This will allow your night sleep to be better and more peaceful. Additionally try not to snack between the meals during the day, this allows your body to successfully digest the meal. Allow at least 3 hours between your meals.

  6. Manage stress by focusing on positive emotions. You can try gratitude journaling or meditation. Practice deep breathing exercises to enhance oxygen flow, and balance your nervous systems - there are many different exercises you can try, and I prepared free Breathing Guide with 4 different methods you can try at home. This helps to activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for rest and digest. This is very important in our busy day-to-day life, as small things like stressful to-do list, traffic jam, or misunderstanding can activate your Sympathetic Nervous System, leading to your body's response of fight-flight-or-freeze. This body's response can be tracked back to Hunters and Gatherers, who back in the day could face real-life danger. This response back in the day was supposed to help in survival and to get our of danger. You know your daily stresses won't kill you, but your body doesn't know the difference between modern stress and tiger attack. This is why it needs a gentle reminder, that 'everything is ok', so it is vital to bring these systems into harmony every day, otherwise in time it can really create real danger. To mitigate the effects of stress, practice mentioned breathing techniques.

  7. Use methods like dry brushing or a detox foot spa to remove toxins through the skin. This stimulates your lymphatic system, aiding toxins elimination and boosting blood circulation.

  8. Incorporate physical activities like skipping, yoga, and outdoor activity for overall health and detoxification benefits. Any outdoor activities allow you to get extra Vitamin, D as well as fresh oxygen (choose rural and nature areas, like forest or park, away from busy roads and fumes. If you'd like to consider adding yoga to your life, which has many great health benefits, you can join my La Viva Yoga at Home, from anywhere in the world where we practice yoga together live 3 times per week. It is a consistent practice, that allows you to build wellness routine for yourself.

  9. Clean your tongue with a brush first thing in the morning, to remove toxins and oral bacteria. You will also kickstart the digestive process, ready for the day ahead.

  10. Sweat in a sauna to expel waste through perspiration, sweat is a great way to detoxify your body. You can also do it by exercising. Fun fact, skin is the largest detoxifying organ, it acts as a supplemental filter to the kidneys for removing wastes from the blood. The skin throws off about two pounds of toxic waste a day in the form of perspirations. Remember, always keep your skin clean and have a shower after any intensive exercise, to ensure body doesn't absorb those toxins back. Also, try hydrotherapy with alternating hot and cold water in the shower.

  11. Create a consistent bedtime routine. Have you ever heard of beauty sleep? There is a lot of vital processes that happens during the night, your body is processing what happened during the day, it is digesting, repairing, removing and cleaning your body in preparation for the following day. Ensure your body gets interrupted sleep and allow your body to rest between 7-9 hours. Remember too much of good, is also not so great, don't over sleep.

  12. Digital detox will allow your brain to rest and not be overloaded with too much information and screen exposure. Try to put away your mobile phone at least 1 hour before bedtime.

There is no pressure to add all these things to your daily list right away. Experiment, play with it and step by step add something healthier and better for your body, mind and life to your daily list. Don't expect too much at once, or feel guilty if you forget, or don't do something. Just know that you are stepping into better wellbeing and it takes time to implement this and even longer for it to become a habit.

Remember to be grateful for your efforts and always... ALWAYS appreciate yourself.

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