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La Viva Yoga at Home Membership

A Monthly Membership of yoga classes

3 regular sessions per week


Elevate your wellbeing with consistent yoga routine

Embark on a journey of transformative yoga with my monthly membership, offering exclusive access to 45 minutes of yoga, three times a week. Join sessions live at determined times or practice on-demand with shared replays. Sessions on Facebook allow you to practice in the comfort of your home, whenever and however you want to, even in your Pjs!


Starting from £48/month, gain access to replays, ensuring you never miss a session. Each week includes three 45-minute yoga sessions for your holistic well-being.


Create new positive habits 

Improve your practice

Receive the structure and guidance to find your best self

Reduce stress and anxiety

Expand your flexibility, mobility, and increase strength

Get in shape both physically & mentally

Learn to set every day up for success

Reconnect with yourself and your inner authenticity

Find patience and compassion for both your body and mind

Create a beautiful foundation to manifest great benefit across your entire life

This Program Was Designed to Help You:

About the Program

Unlimited Yoga Sessions     45+ Minutes Per Day     Consistent Practice

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7am (UK time)

All Delivered Live on Zoom with replays on a Private Facebook Group

Daily Yoga


Join 45 minute sessions with Sylwia, three times a week and see benefits unfolding just after one week! Every single class is unique, but always catered to all levels of fitness. 

Build Positive Habit


Practicing yoga regularly is a wonderful way to truly bring transformative benefits to your life. With La Viva Yoga at Home series, you can practice more often, in the comfort of your home, applying benefits of yoga to your daily life.

Yoga Community


Join Private Facebook Group and be part of yoga community that practice together, share your experience or struggles, support each other, and give each other motivation for daily practice.

Live Classes

Join live sessions means you are part of and feel the energy of our community, you can share your yoga experience and the joy of community interaction through lively chats in the comments!

On Demand


Unable to make those times? No worries! All sessions are recorded, allowing you to catch up on demand and get your yoga fix whenever it suits you.



Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your yoga practice to your schedule, with live sessions providing structure and replays accommodating different time zones or personal commitments.

Grab a friend, partner, loved one, or a furry friend…and make the commitment together.

Membership Includes: 3 x 45-minute yoga classes each week live on zoom platform.

Membership will begin from 1st of following month and lasts for the entire calendar month.


Choose from Two Payment Options:

1) Monthly Subscription £48: Never miss your yoga again when you subscribe. You can cancel anytime. 

2) One Month Only Membership £58: Need a little more flexibility? Simply sign up month by month as it suits you. 

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