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The Story of La Viva Yoga

2019 was the beginning of the never ending journey of exploration and finding myself over and over again. All through exploring, connecting the dots, learning, starting again and reconnecting with my true self whilst being passionate about people and the world around us.

I became a graphic designer, started practicing yoga and meditation, which soon became my full time hobby. I learnt the energy of gems and through lockdown I developed a set of handmade crystal jewellery and natural 'medicine' products using essential oils. I dived deep into natural remedies, not only nutrition wise "we are what we eat", but that skin microbiome is equally as important - the skin is an organ that absorbs everything that goes on it, passing it along through the bloodstream! I became really curious about the body, mind and naturopathy. How to stay, become and keep healthy through our daily actions and how our mind is linked to it all.

Our mind is a beautiful thing and by cultivating what we already have, and listening to ourselves we truly learn our creative power, self-value and love. My reality was changing, but I was yet supposed to be challenged and guided by the forces of life and universe. I was going through many phases, each time getting more confused what am I supposed to be doing? Trying to have control over what is happening. But, finally realising that the true awakening can happen within us at any time, and it is really about the journey, not a destination. So called, 'control' is in fact an illusion we tell ourselves, to bring a feeling of safety, but in fact it is creating limitations and tunnel vision in our life. By embracing having no control and expectation, and just allowing ourselves to flow with what is happening right in this moment, we truly begin to live. (don't take me wrong, it is very important to have goals and desires ~ but 'no expectations' for things to go a certain way, focusing on one step at the time. At the end of the day, we don't know, what we don't know.

Confused as ever. Who am I, what am I doing and what is it that I want to do? Never ending journey.

From as long as I remember, I was curious about human mind, and how we see the world and how we respond to it. How our individuality changes with time, and how we all have the power to design and create the life we are living. I was intrigued by subconscious mind and the power it has, reading and listening to the stories of people that have healed themselves, their relationships and life. I was on the spiritual journey, but taken from a very scientific path. Even though I practiced Yoga and Meditation, I didn't yet understand how deeply Yoga Teachings actually reach and in fact they embrace all facades of life. Unknowingly, I was learning and practicing Yoga in my daily life.

Asking questions and listening to my gut. Following my intuition

I was going through a long process of asking how can I possibly connect everything I know, love and hold dear in my life? It all seemed a bit chaotic. It wasn't until beginning of 2023 that I have realised my calling to travel to India to do Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Meditation.

I wanted to be fully immersed, and learn the secrets and wisdom from a place where Yoga originated, learn directly from Gurus who studied Sanskrit scriptures called Vedas. Not knowing yet, how I'm going to take over 1 month off work (with no holiday remaining), but I knew I had to go. Something inside me was telling me October 2023 is a perfect month for it. Indeed it was, and coincidences in my life started happening and made it all possible, not without testing my trust and faith within the process of course, but it was truly remarkable how everything aligned just perfectly prior to, and after my yoga training. India was where I finally, connected all the dots and realised Yoga is my true purpose in life and sharing it with others is what my soul desires. 'Yoga' was the answer to my question ~ This is how I connect everything I know, love and hold dear in my life!

La Viva Yoga emerges

The name 'La Viva Yoga' came with a hidden meaning - 'La Viva' means 'Long Life' and 'Yoga' truly means 'Union, Harmony and Connection'. My work here is about making you healthier, stronger and happier. By bringing Harmony, we can finally enjoy a long life, and importantly ~ we want to live a long life! The life force is in all of us, Yoga helps us reconnect with the energy that is flowing inside of us and find the purpose we yearn for. Through Yoga we bring harmony, balance and healing to all areas of our human experience. Yoga meets you exactly right where you are, and teaches you all what you are open for. My passion is to guide you into better state of being, to refocus your energy and ground you in the present moment. I'm here to guide you, to find your own answers. Allowing the power within you to shine, and create a life you always wanted to live.

Ultimate 'Knowing'

Yoga truly connects what I'm deeply passionate about; mindset, wellbeing, health, travel, people, creativity, skin care, physical asana practice, meditation and energy. I am still on my journey and I'm constantly learning and expanding my horizons. The best teachers, have their teachers. The best coaches have their coaches. People achieving amazing things have their mentors. For as long as we live, we never stop growing and learning. I live by this. This is my ultimate knowing. This is why, you can always expect much more from me, but also from yourself! Even if you don't realise your full potential and power, YET!

Today, you meet me as I am, tomorrow you'll meet me as who I am yet to be.

Follow my page, sign up to yoga classes, Kundalini workshop or private coaching. Browse through all my nourishing essential oil blends in my shop. Top notes, heart notes and base notes are creating the history of each scent. Each of the essential oil has different uses and health benefits that are tailored in the blend to fully utilise its benefits, whilst providing all the best for the skin leaving it healthy and soft.

Thank you for taking your time to read! With love

Sylwia x

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