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Your peace, harmony and joy is already within you. All you got to do is let go of that what no longer serves you. Join our mini retreat day and find the connection to your true self with somatic movement in the beautiful surroundings of The New Forest.

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Soulful Release Retreat Day

Join Soulful Release half-day retreat 

Join us on this relaxing and therapeutic retreat, where in just over 4 hours you will release all tension, stress and heaviness to achieve a complete relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Dive deeper into the somatic experience with Hatha and Kundalini yoga , where your movements, will allow for a profound release of emotional blockages, unlocking the true peace, harmony and joy that is already within you. 

This is an invitation to release all that no longer serves you and make space for harmony, bliss and fulfilment. The retreat will leave you feeling at peace, connected to yourself and amazingly relaxed. 

What can you expect?

IMG_9929 2.JPG

Therapeutic self massage to the sound of healing bowls

The day starts with a Welcome Circle and a warm cup of Cacao, an ancient medicinal drink that helps you connect to your best self and embrace your truth. At 9:30 AM, we will enter the hall for a brief introduction to psychosomatics. Following this, we will engage in a therapeutic practice of conscious self-massage designed to release stored tension and promote relaxation and grounding for our subsequent activities. You will be provided with a tennis ball and massage oil enriched with essential oils to aid in this practice.


Next, we will begin our gentle yet powerful yoga movements, seamlessly intertwined with conscious breathwork to foster a deep connection between mind, body, and spirit. As you flow through the poses, you'll cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner harmony, laying the groundwork for emotional release and healing. Integrated TRE® exercises will assist in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma.

Following the yoga practice, we will guide you through breathing exercises designed to clear energetic pathways and foster emotional catharsis through vibration. This will stimulate the vagus nerve, enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system and reducing sympathetic activation.

Yoga Movement, breathwork & included TRE exercises


Dynamic Kriya & Self Reflection

After a short break to enjoy the outdoors and nature, we will return to conclude your journey with a dynamic kriya and dancing meditation. This empowering practice will help you fully embrace the present moment, restoring your body from the inside out, calming the nervous system, releasing stress and tension, revitalizing your organs, and uplifting your energy.

We will also provide a brief period for self-reflection, so feel free to bring your journal with you.

“Dance is one of the deepest meditations possible, for the simple reason that when dance reaches to its climax the dancer disappears. There is only dance – there is nobody dancing.” ~ OSHO.


Join us for this transformative journey of self-discovery and emotional liberation. 

There will be time to enjoy the outdoors of our beautiful location, appreciating and being grateful for what is. Allowing ourselves to truly be present in the moment and take in every beauty there is, from within and without.


This mini retreat will be complemented by a yummy plant-based treat and a little wellness gift!


We will finish at 1.30pm, with an optional lunch together at The Retreat in Colin Nash Restaurant at your own charge. 


Your teacher:

Sylwia is a yoga therapist, mindset coach and a wellness speaker. She founded La Viva Yoga (meaning: Live in Harmony) after many years of connecting modern science, subconscious mind with Vedic Yoga Science wisdom gained in India. After transforming her own life, she created La Viva Yoga to help people experience true transformation and happiness through emotional and energetic coaching techniques, and is on a mission to empower people by helping them breathe, move, focus and thrive.

It's Your Day, to Restore Peace and Harmony

Retreat Details


Event Details:

24th August  2024

Time: 9:00 - 13.30

Location: The Retreat New Forest

The Retreat New Forest, A35, Christchurch BH23 7EF


What to Bring:

Yoga mat, water bottle, comfortable clothing, extra layer of clothing.

Spaces are limited: Please book asap to secure your spot.


Investment: Only £55!

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