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Discover emotions hidden in the body, and learn how to self regulate from daily stress, anxiety and tension in a natural way.

Breathing Exercise

Awaken Your Body's Consciousness Course

Join a 4-week course 

This 4-week journey will allow you to spend quality time with yourself, focusing on the areas that need your attention and care. Through self-awareness, you’ll illuminate hidden tensions and traumas stored deep within your body’s subconscious. As you listen to your inner voice, you’ll reconnect, reset, and reactivate forgotten and blocked parts of yourself. By embracing the mind-body-breath connection, you’ll discover resolutions to hidden subconscious patterns and learn how to self regulate in your daily life.


This is an invitation to explore the depths of your potential and foster a life of balance, harmony, and fulfilment. By the end of the course, you’ll feel more connected to your body and self, equipped with techniques to maintain this connection and manage emotions in any situation. Each 2-hour session includes continued self-work between meetings and long after the course concludes. This is your time for growth and deep self-exploration.

What's in the course?

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Somatic Self-Analysis and questionaire

Somatic self-analysis and the accompanying questionnaire are essential components of our course, designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how physical sensations and bodily experiences influence our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. By fostering greater body awareness, you can uncover underlying patterns of tension or discomfort that may be linked to psychological stressors or unresolved emotions. The goal is to promote holistic well-being by integrating somatic insights into personal development, thereby enhancing self-awareness, emotional regulation, and overall mental health. 


Each week of our course will include dedicated practice sessions in somatic yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection between mind and body. Somatic yoga combines gentle, mindful movements with breath awareness to release physical tension and enhance body consciousness. Meditation practices will focus on cultivating mindfulness, helping you to observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment, thereby promoting mental clarity and emotional balance, reducing stress and induce a state of deep calm. 

Weekly somatic yoga practice, meditations, relaxations


Self massage and dancing meditation & breath work

In addition to our weekly sessions, our course will incorporate practices of breathwork, dancing meditation, and self-massage to further enhance your somatic awareness and overall well-being. Breathwork exercises will teach controlled breathing techniques to optimize oxygen flow, reduce stress, and promote mental clarity and emotional balance. Dancing meditation combines free-form movement with mindful awareness, allowing you to express yourself physically and emotionally, release pent-up energy, and experience a sense of liberation and joy. Self-massage will be introduced to help you relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and foster a deeper connection with your body.

Itinary of the course

This course is designed to guide you gently, week by week, towards greater awareness, release, and positivity within your body.


Week 1

Psychosomatic self-analysis and questionnaire, bringing awareness to the body and breath

Week 2

Deepen your connection with your body through conscious breath and meditation

Week 3

Release tension, emotions, and stress from deep within your body

Week 4

Embrace free-flowing movement and cultivate conscious positivity in your body

This Toolkit if for You if...

You’re Experiencing:

🤔 You aspire to enhance your skills and ability to stay calm and connected.

😔 Your body feels tense, you find difficulty connect to your body's needs and find it hard to release blocks from your body.

🌀 Some emotional blocks and barriers, that you don't yet understand.
🔒 You feel the need for more varied and effective techniques to guide your healing journey.


You Desire to:

💫 Want to lead a happy and fulfilling life, where stress is no longer controlling you.

🌈 Master emotional release techniques and self regulate when you need to.

🕊 Create space for healing and growth to find inner peace.

🌱 Refresh, rejuvenate and relax.

🌐 Build a better connection for your mind, body and soul.


Your teacher:

Sylwia is a yoga therapist, mindset coach and a wellness speaker. She founded La Viva Yoga (meaning: Live in Harmony) after many years of connecting modern science, subconscious mind with Vedic Yoga Science wisdom gained in India. After transforming her own life, she created La Viva Yoga to help people experience true transformation and happiness through emotional and energetic coaching techniques, and is on a mission to empower people by helping them breathe, move, focus and thrive.

Your Key to Unlocking True Potential

Course details

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✅​ Starts 28th July 2024 in Lymington (SO41 9LE)

✅ 10am - 12pm every Sunday 

✅ Limited to 4 participants

✅ Full course: £88

✅ Individual sessions: £28 each

✅ This course also prepares you to fully benefit from the “Soulful Release” retreat that I will be holding in The Retreat New Forest on 24th August. (see events & retreats for more details at

Spaces are limited: Reconnect with your body and start living your life to the fullestAre you ready?


Total value: £112

Full course £88 today!

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